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“The phrase ‘universally flattering’ gets thrown out a lot, but that is the whole concept behind this collection of nine lipsticks from Filipino beauty brand Sunnies Face. The creamy, lightweight, matte lipsticks come in a range of nine warm-toned nude, peachy-rose, red, and brown shades that when tested on Allure editors, proved to actually look good on anyone who tried them on.”

“I think they got a really, really unique formulation to them — and they truly are fluffy and mousse-y on the lip.”

“The brand’s Fluffmatte lipsticks are becoming a sensation (Christina Aguilera and Amandla Stenberg have worn them). The five founders — Martine Ho, Georgina Wilson, Jess Wilson, Bea Soriano-Dee and Eric Dee — tirelessly tested over 22 formulas and 350 colors to come up with the final product, which feels sumptuously velvety. The colors are incredibly pigmented; you need just a single swipe to make your lips look fuller and more rich.”

“This is my dream lipstick — light-as-air formula, non-drying, totally opaque with a single coat, and the finish is the perfect, powdery matte.”

“I use this lipstick from Sunnies Face, which is based in the Philippines, called Fluffmatte. It’s a huge Instagram phenomenon. When it got sent to me, I went ‘Wow, what is this?’ I’m obsessed with these lipsticks. There is one particular color called hot sauce that’s just the most perfect coral red.”

“Lip Dip lip cream… Love! First, respect for matching the packaging color with the actual product shade — it’s some hardcore production. Not drying, cool colors and I use it daily. It has a velvet feel and is super easy to apply. My favorite shade is girl crush.”

“The texture is unlike any other. It’s pillowy and soft and it’s something you want to apply and keep reapplying.”

“I’ve always found myself trying out other brands in the hopes of finding one that I’d buy from on the regular. When I finally tried Sunnies Face’s formula, it literally won me over the second I put it on.”

“This is a kind of matte that won't drag your lips during application and still manage to give you a shine-free finish. It feels neither tacky nor powdery, but we do recommend blotting off your lip balm before applying the lipstick to achieve a velvety finish.”

“Filipino cosmetics brand Sunnies Face is shining a light on the beauty and creativity of the Philippines.”

“You will be in awe of the way this lipstick applies… It’s 100% matte and opaque, but it has a luscious formula and natural, nourishing ingredients that make you feel like you have a lip balm on.”

“Sunnies Face is paving the way for F-beauty and is so far the best-known brand among the bunch all thanks to their matte lipstick, named Fluffmatte.”

“If there’s anything the Sunnies Face team does brilliantly, it’s coming up with a color bible made up of lively, just-right shades that dance gracefully across warm to cool and pale to tan.”


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